The Phyllo Data Platform operates on an Infrastructure as a service model, wherein you can use your own keys registered with platforms (ex. YouTube, TikTok etc) and rely on Phyllo’s proven infrastructure to manage your creator data pipelines. The data platform provides pre built connections over 10+ platforms catering to a wide range of attributes across a creator’s identity, engagement, audience and public metrics.

What problems do we solve with the data platform for our customers?

The data platform allows you to utilise different components of the Phyllo stack in a configurable manner tailored to your data requirements.


What configurability options do you have?

  1. White labelled connection experience - The Phyllo Connect SDK can be embedded into your flows to ensure high connection success rates, improved error handling for your users and a smoother connection management experience.
  2. Real time webhook systems - Get notified about changes in profile metrics, content metrics, content additions and a whole host of other events.
  3. Data retrieval configurations - Configure your data fetch and refresh intervals and periods and leave Phyllo to then manage fetches, failures, trends and other associated activities.
  4. Always stay up to date with the latest API schemas from source platforms, new features and attributes.
  5. Leverage Phyllo’s extensive partnerships with public data workflows to get reliable public creator info.
  6. Configure data fetch rules - (example - refresh stories once an hour, poll sponsored posts on an hourly basis after publishing)

Advantages for you

How does the Phyllo Data Platform work?